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LADIES AUXILIARY MEETINGS:  Call Nancy Knox for the next Ladies Auxiliary meeting at 586.206.3308 or check the Events calendar.





The Ladies Auxiliary Unit has a long and distinguished history with the American Legion Post 351. We now find ourselves with very few active members and struggling to be as supportive as we have been in the past.  Please consider coming out and helping support the Post 351 with upcoming events, such as the annual Poppy Sale campaign. Ladies Auxiliary President Nancy Knox would like to share on what the Auxiliary is all about please give her a call at 586.206.3308

Ladies Auxiliary Dues are going up by $5.00 to $21.00. Senior members are paying $26.00, this is due to National raising the dues by $3.00 and Department raising them an additional $2.00. Junior dues are going up to $4.50 instead of the $3.00 they pay now. 

The Ladies Auxiliary are looking for ways to raise money for the general funds. If anyone has ideas to bring to the table, please contact Nancy Knox at 586.206.3308.